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You know what speaks out about this photo? A few things actually. For one, Severus and Lily’s differences in the amount of books. Severus clearly has a love for school. You don’t see many first graders apart from maybe Hermione carrying that many books casually down the hall way. So from the beginning Severus really did love the work that they do at Hogwarts and wanted so very much to do well. Secondly, when James knocks the books out of their hands, although it’s clear he cared about his books he took the time to pick up Lily’s first. He showed friendliness, care. Lily was his best friend. He didn’t seem to care about what James did. He was more concerned about Lily and her needs. Which shows he did have compassion. Thirdly, the fact that he’s so super chill about walking down the hall with a griffindor. You don’t see that at all during the Harry Potter series. Maybe Hufflepuffs and gryffindors, or something along those lines but NEVER Slytherins alongside Gryffindors. But he didn’t seem to see the difference. Once again proving Lily was his best friend and he was at Hogwarts to learn and to thrive.

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She is literally the definition of perfection